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Stop. Dada life, stop. you’re too funny!

Okay, so why bananas and champagne?
Taste-wise, they are actually terrible together. It came from us needing energy when we’re DJing. We always had them on the rider — bananas for potassium to keep us going, and champagne for keeping your head bubbly. It’s the perfect combination. You can’t have an apple in a club — it’ll get slippery and gross — but a banana is perfect because you open it up and it’s all fresh inside. It’s impossible to eat a sandwich in a club because it would get so dirty. Clubs are the grimiest places on earth.

"More is better than less because if stuff is not les—if there’s more less stuff then you might… you might wanna have some more and your parents just won’t let you because theres only a little bit. We want more! We want more, like you really like it, you want more."

-Right, I follow you.

AT&T has da.best. commercials. I won’t lie!

A Scene from How I Met Your Mother that is too relevant

*both very, very stoned*

Ted: Hey, how was the concert?

Marshall: … I couldn’t find outside…!!